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Memorial Candles
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Mom lit a candle on 12/05/2018: "remembering this day and hour 1991. The best gift ever was you being born! I will never forget you, my sweet angel."
Mom lit a candle on 10/05/2018: "Eric, please send strength. I am so sad and weak but I have precious memories of you, and I am so grateful for that!"
Mom lit a candle on 12/01/2017: "Remembering you, and your dear sweet soul."
Mom lit a candle on 09/03/2017: "Missing you so much. Trying so hard to live without you, E!"
Cayla H. lit a candle on 01/18/2017: "I miss you so much Eric, I've been thinking about you alot lately. <3 R.I.P."
Friendly Stranger lit a candle on 12/20/2016: "Almost Christmas. Rip Eric"
Rachel lit a candle on 12/09/2016: "Thinking of you, Eric. I can't believe it's been 12 years. Ian and I will never forget you!"
Mom lit a candle on 12/05/2016: "Happy Birthday son. How I miss you."
Mom lit a candle on 11/27/2016: "I miss your smile, your hilarious jokes, YOU! Fly free my son, you are loved and never forgotten!"
Mom lit a candle on 09/21/2016: "I feel your spirit all around me. We are united in a kind of hope for the future. thanks, E! Thank you, God."
Dylan Coleman lit a candle on 09/04/2016: "rest in peace you bright young man"
Mom lit a candle on 03/27/2016: "Happy Easter, Eric!"
Trena Gardi lit a candle on 02/12/2016: ""He is in a better place now" He will always be in people's heart..but now he isn't in pain he was.. RIP"
Jessika Bates lit a candle on 02/09/2016: "Thinking of you tonight eric. Miss you bud its been so many years without you. Crazy to imagen. Love u bro. Xoxo"
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